Thermal Vision Australia’s History

Thermal Vision Australia was founded in February 2007. We are young but very experienced in the electrical industry and mechanical service industry.
We provide professional thermal imaging services and infrared equipment testing.

Charles Cassar has over 28 years experience as an electrical mechanic & lift mechanic.

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Using the latest Thermal Imaging cameras and software from FLIR camera systems, Thermal Vision Australia can provide thermographic surveys and inspections on any item that emits heat, anything that is above zero degrees. Using our fault finding techniques we can analyse it for faults and hotspots and produce a report advising any required preventative maintenance.

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“We use Thermal Vision Australia to test all of our plant equipment annually. Their services are worth their weight in gold”
-Joe S

“If you are looking for thermography inspections and preventative maintenance for any electrical repairs then look no further. TVA’s thermal inspections have saved us thousands, prevent countless electrical faults in our factory and are experts in the field.”
-Terry M

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Save equipment

With infrared electrical testing, you can save your equipment and machinery before any major damage is done and save on replacement costs. Our electrical fault finding services pay for themselves. Contact us today

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