Report Features

Infrared testing of your electrical and mechanical plant equipment can identify faults, leaks and weaknesses not visible to the human eye. Identifying faults, abnormal thermal activity and leaks can reduce the chance of component failure and save you expensive replacement costs.

Thermal Vision Australia will test all of your equipment using our specialised FLIR infrared cameras and provide detailed reports on the status of any equipment.

We have a unique reporting system standard, we can tailor design reports to meet your needs and requirements for any survey and inspection. We can provide you with a detailed and comprehensive, yet easy to understand report clearly identifying all of the electrical faults and findings of our specialist equipment testing services in your environment.

The inspection report identifies each item thermally imaged, photographed, inspected or tested, showing all the faults and necessary repair requirements. All faults are documented in the report with detailed temperature information and data showing the severity of any faults.

Report Format

Reports are available in several formats for your convenience:
• Hard Copy
• Email PDF
• CD with history of reports for plant from previous scans

Sample Report

A free sample thermal imaging report is available for download here.