Thermal Vision Australia’s History

Thermal Vision Australia was founded in February 2007. We are young but very experienced in the electrical industry and mechanical service industry.
We provide professional thermal imaging services and infrared equipment testing.

Charles Cassar has over 28 years experience as an electrical mechanic & lift mechanic. Expert fault finder of electrical circuits, controllers and motor drives. Specialist services provided in fault finding all mechanical problems. Charles has worked in the Electrical and lift industry since 1983, starting with his electrical apprenticeship.

All survey work can be conducted by Charles as he is fully qualified to remove switchboard covers and panels. There is no extra cost for this service.

We can also conduct repairs as necessary.

Our Qualifications

Charles has qualifications as follows:

•Victorian A Class Electrical licence

•Victorian Electrical contractors licence

Trading as CJC Electrics REC 9005 since 1990

•Level 1 Thermographer Melbourne university

•Certificate in electronics

•CPTI Certificate in computer repair